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Ways to Market Your Business for the Holidays

Grab your favorite holiday Starbucks drink, put on your Bluelight glasses, and stay tuned for some simple ways to market your business for the upcoming holiday season. We know firsthand how tricky it can be when it comes to advertising and marketing your business, and luckily, the holidays give you all the more reason to increase your advertising and marketing! Follow these simple tips on how you can market your business for the holidays and increase your engagement.

Create Engaging & Creative Holiday Content

Start by wishing your target audience a Happy "Halloween," a "Merry Christmas," or a "Happy New Year's." Whatever the holiday is, it's important to relate to your audience and stay current. It's as simple as that. Another quick and easy way is to create eye-catching holiday content that will make your audience want to engage with your profile. That could be sprinkling in leaves for fall time, Christmas trees for winter, or a celebration post for New Year's Eve. Ask your audience to "like," "share," "tag," or "comment" on your post for increased engagement! Anything that catches the eye and that is creative will be sure to increase your online presence!

Holiday Themed Products or Services

If your business sells physical products, an easy way to market your business is by making holiday-themed products and packaging. Get creative and have fun with it! If your business sells services, you can do a giveaway! A great example of a giveaway for the holiday season is a wine advent calendar! Make sure you tell your target audience how to enter your giveaway and when the deadline to enter is!

Offer Sales and Special Deals

Another way to market your business this holiday season is to offer sales and special deals you have going on. Let your audience know of deals you have for Black Friday and other holidays. The possibilities are endless for holiday offers. And the best part--because it's your business--you get to pick the deals! Bonus tip: go all in and update your website with the deals and offers you're promoting!

Host In-Person or Virtual Events

Lastly, you can host in-person or virtual events to advertise and market your business for the holidays! For example, if you have a physical location for your business, you can host an in-person holiday party & invite all of your clients/customers/potential clients! As for virtual events, keeping your attendees engaged is key. Create engaging content and pick the main objective for your holiday event (ex: Virtual Ugly Sweater Party, Virtual Trivia relating to your products or services, or a Virtual Scavenger Hunt)!

With these simple and easy tips, you'll now be able to successfully advertise and market your business on and for the holidays! Take advantage of the holiday season to promote your business to the fullest!

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