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The Power of Content + Hashtag Strategy ⚡️

You know hashtags are so valuable, but are totally confused on how to use them. Maybe you’ve even heard that they’re a thing of the past and no longer relevant? Why does marketing have to come with so. much. noise. sometimes?! Let’s talk about how #’s + incredible content are your super secret marketing tool... When you focus on high-level content, that only you and you alone can create, produce, or provide and have the right mix of large / small / local / global / industry-specific hashtags you can amplify one single piece of content (or post) to a “viral” level for your brand. Make an effort to focus on content that sets you apart as an expert + provides a glimpse of your personal brand! Ideas: professional photos of the owner behind the business or on trend graphics: think Twitter quotes, reminder graphics, TikTok videos, or memes that you’ve designed. Here are some IRL stats from one single piece of *original* killer content that I recently shared: 2,166 accounts were reached from hashtags! 22 people saved + SHARED this post — expanding the reach exponentially! 21 people saw this post and said “oooh I want to check out their profile. 5 people saw this post and decided to CONVERT to a follower. Also, this is not a mini-training in insights, but it goes without saying how powerful your own unique data can be! If you struggle with coming up with content to share or need some hashtag support, click here to set-up your 1:1 Coaching Call!

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