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Stand Out on Instagram

We totally get it, it is often difficult to stand out on social media when others in your niche are offering identical services and content. Instagram itself is a place for you to inject your personality, so you can stand out! The biggest asset in your business is YOU, so why not make it about YOU!

Here are 7 ways you can stand out:

  1. Branding & positioning: Your colors, logo, vibe, voice. Options are endless here!

  2. Experience: Every experience you have had is entirely unique to you and contributed to where you are today.

  3. Results (aka - bragging rights): Boast all about those amazing results you have personally and with clients if applicable.

  4. Testimonials: A great way to lean into those bragging rights! Let your clients and customers be your advocates!

  5. Vision & values: Values are basically like a fingerprint - no one else will have the exact same ones. I suggest 4-5 guiding values.

  6. Who you serve: Time to get specific! It might feel like there are hundreds of professionals offering your same service, but are there hundreds of people offering your service to, say accounts, for example? Probably not! Narrow down your niche to stand out.

  7. YOU and your story: You are one in 7+ billion! No one is you and THAT is your super power.

How do you stand out on social media?

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