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My Take on Met Gala Memes

@metgalaofficial & social media memes just go hand and hand. And yes, I know what you're thinking..."I can post memes on my business social media?! Isn't that unprofessional?!" The answer is HECK YEAH you can! I do it all the time! It falls under the "relatable" content pillar & can be such a great way to attract & (you guessed it) relate to your target audience.

Here's my take on the best #metgalamemes of the night... & as for fashion, the queen Blake ✨killed it✨ (duh!) 💃

Feel free to "steal" the ideas behind these memes, but be sure to put your own spin on it! 😉 & tag us so we can spread the love! 🤍

Did you see some of the outfits of the night? Who was your favorite?👇🏻

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