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How to Write a Killer Instagram Caption

Let's chat about one of the HARDEST PARTS of Instagram… Captions! Should they be short? Should they be long? How do you write a good caption? What does an effective caption include?

Let's chat about the 5 parts of an AMAZING caption…


This is the most important part of your caption because it is the first part that your audience will read. If you capture their attention in the first line, they will be “hooked” into reading more which is exactly what you want them to do!

PLUS Instagram shortens your captions after a few lines so unless someone taps on “read more” they won't be able to see past your hook. This is why a hook is vital- so you can get your followers to read the rest of your caption.

3 Hook Examples:

  1. Did you know…

  2. You'll never guess what happened…

  3. You NEED to read this because xyz…


This is where a short or long caption comes into play. The length of your caption doesn't matter as long as it's not a whole book length. The most important thing about the body of your caption is the information inside. The body of your captions are where people find value. Make the body entertaining, inspiring, or educational.


Not seeing very much engagement on your posts? It's probably because you lack a strong CTA. CTA's make it easy for your audience to engage with you because you're telling them exactly what you want them to do.

3 CTA Examples:

  1. Like this post if you found it helpful

  2. Drop your questions in the comments

  3. Tag a friend in the comments who would enjoy this post


Hashtags are a key part to a well performing post and are important to add after each caption! While the hashtags don't have to go in the caption, I added this step because I always put together my hashtags for my post after writing out my caption.


You want your caption to be as easy to read as possible. This means adding in line breaks to break up text, using emojis to capture attention, and using different font variations (all caps or lowercase). If you wrote an essay for a caption and don't have any line breaks, 90% of people are going to scroll past your post and never read what you have to share.

Think about it, would you read a caption that was an essay long with no caption breaks or emojis? I know I wouldn't. Always put yourself in your audiences shoes, if you wouldn't do it then why are you expecting your audience to do it?

I hope these tips were helpful! Now it's time to go out and implement them!

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