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Blogs are IN & Important!

Have you heard? Blogs are IN!

Blogging is a critical component to a successful content marketing strategy. (Did I just summarize this entire post in one sentence? Maybe—but there’s more to it than that.)

Having a blog-posting strategy in place that resonates with your target audience will help with your goal of generating more leads for your business, and it also helps establish your business as a thought leader in your industry. So how do you fit this into your existing (or brand new) content marketing strategy? Keep reading to find out...

To begin, consider the major pros (and zero cons) to blogging—it contributes significantly to your content marketing strategy by providing the following benefits:

+Increase conversions How you may ask? You can add lead-generating CTAs to your blog posts that direct to landing pages with relevant content and offers your visitors can convert on. The more blogs you have, the more people will see you CTAs, which increases the odds of conversion. More site visits and more leads? Blogging is a win-win. +Establish authority If you’re answering common questions and solving your persona’s pain points in your blogs, people will start to look at you as a leader in the industry and will begin to trust your company. The more a person trusts your company, the more likely they’ll be to turn into a customer someday.

+Drive traffic to your website Every time you write a new blog post you’re adding another indexed page to your site, which Google and other search engines love! It proves your website is active. Each page you add gives you another chance to be found in search results (which is how most people look for content these days). +Promote your social media If you create great content on your blog, people will want to share it via social media (you should share it on social as well to your personas). The more people share, the more visits you’ll get, and the more it will help your SEO results.

No company is too small to not blog and no company is too large, although it’s important to do it right!

Blogging should be used as an awareness-stage piece of content that educates your audience and answers questions and pain points they may have. So what are you waiting for?

Message us for more information or any questions you may have!

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