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7 Instagram Post Ideas

"What should I post next?" "I have no idea what to share with my audience" - These are all questions you probably ask yourself at least once a day if you are not utilizing a social media manager yet. Luckily, we are here to provide you with a plethora of ideas of what to post next on your Instagram that will engage your audience! Let's dive right in!๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

1. A Team Photo or Staff Spotlight

Show off your incredible team that is behind the scenes. People like to see people (like you!) and know your team is legit and hard at work. This can include a photo of your team, individual teams, "Meet the team/owner," or a Staff Spotlight post!

2. Your Workspace

There's another option for those who don't have stunning views out the window! Go ahead and share the space you are in the most (probably at your desk, like me). Messy or not, people want to see process photos and know where the magic truly happens. This can be in the form of: A photo of your entire desk, a close-up of what you are working on at the moment, your notes, a cute little plant, & all the little details that make your desk a desk!

3. Shout Out a Person or Local Business You Work With/Admire

Give a local shoutout (i.e., "Local Business Spotlight," "Small Business Saturday," or "Business Shoutout") to a business you work with, have worked with, want to work with, or just simply admire. Don't forget to tag them and show them some love! A simple shoutout can increase profile visits and help increase engagement!

4. Answer Common FAQ's

Answering the questions about your brand or frequently asked questions about your industry not only clears up any confusion but also hits the educational content pillar you need! This helps current customers and potential customers engage and clear up any hesitations!

5. Repurpose a Post That Has Done Well in the Past

This one is a biggie - and no, it's not cheating! I promise! Repeating and repurposing your content is always beneficial to you and the target audience! If it's from previous months, feel free to repurpose it, refresh the look, and share it! And there you have it! You saved yourself some time right there!

6. Run a Contest or Giveaway

Who wants to increase their engagement? This is for you! This is a tried and true Instagram post idea that can help increase your engagement and presence on social media! Encourage your followers to comment, save, or repost your content!

7. Share Your Fave Social Media Holidays

From #NationalDonutDay to #NationalCoffeeDay, there are TONS of social media holiday ideas that you can post about! Add them to your content calendar for when you're in a pinch (plus they make great relatable filler posts)! Don't forget to highlight big holidays and use them to your advantage like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc!

Now you have the ideas for posts, but sometimes the captions can be the trickiest part. Read more on how to write a killer Instagram caption.

Just remember, there is no limit to what you can post to your Instagram (it just takes some creativity)! Next time you're feeling lost or are unsure of what to post, think about these AMAZING post ideas & try incorporating them!

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